Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting Play the Guitar Malaysia Lessons

  1. What is better? Joining a music school or hiring a private guitar teacher?

    It really depends on your requirements. If you have a busy schedule and prefers more personal coaching, a private guitar teacher is better as you get full attention and the lessons can be customized to your requirements.

  2. How much does do the guitar lessons cost?

    The average cost per hour is RM25-RM30 only. However it really depends on the experience of the teacher and your level of expertise. We will be glad to discuss about this in detail.

  3. What is "Play the Guitar Malaysia" role?

    Play the Guitar Malaysia acts as a middle person to help you find a suitable guitar teacher in your location. As different guitar teachers live in different areas, they have preferences about where to teach. This could also mean you having to call at least 5 different guitar teachers before finding one that lives near you.

    As we work with a pool of teachers, we know how to match you with and coordinate it easily and smoothly. This means that you get your guitar lessons with a phone call. Currently our teachers are available for Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Klang.

  4. Are your guitar teachers certified?

    Yes, they are all certified to teach effectively. We have interviewed them and hired them based on recommendations.

  5. What is the background of your teachers?

    They all have graduated with a music degree or masters. They have also many years of experience in teaching guitar. Some of them specialize in teaching children or adults and depending on your background, we would recommend different teachers.

Additional Concerns

  1. Must I purchase my own guitar?

    A purchase of your own guitar is highly recommended as you need it to practice after class to perfect your guitar skills. Speak with your guitar teacher and they would be more than happy to recommend an appropriate guitar for your usage.

  2. What if I want to only try and see if I like playing the guitar long term?

    You can try the lessons for the first few months. Then decide if you want to pursue playing the guitar long term.

Learning The Guitar

  1. I have no musical background. Can I master the guitar?

    Yes, no musical experience is required. The guitar is one of the simpler instruments to master.

  2. How quickly can I master the guitar?

    There is no fixed timeline for this. It really depends on individual's ability to master it. It could range from 4 months to 1 year. We guarantee that within two months, there can be significant progress in playing some favorite tunes and reading basic notation.

Application and Payment

  1. I am interested to apply for guitar lessons. How do I do it?

    You can call Stephen at 0122323638.

  2. How much do the lessons cost?

    Guitar Lessons
    Private Lesson At Your Home RM50 - RM60 per session
    Private Lesson At Music Studio RM30 - RM40 per session (Beginner)
    Group Session In More than 2 people (Negotiable)
    * RM50 registration fee per person

    ** Rates may vary according to the teacher's experience, qualifications and location

    *** Length of lessons:
          - 30 mins (Beginner);
          - 45 minutes (Intermediate);
          - 60 mins (Advanced)

    **** Recommended frequency of lessons are once a week.

  3. How do we pay?

    Once the guitar lesson is confirmed, all you need to do is to make a bank transfer to Bank (MBB): A/C no. 5142-7143-9525 (STANDPOINT)

    Email: globalnet2010@gmail.com

    Notify us via email. We will issue a receipt to you.

For More Information or Inquiries,

Please call STEPHEN at 012-2323638 NOW!
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In A Hurry?
Call STEPHEN for
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In A Hurry?
Call STEPHEN for
a no-obligations
chat at